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When I encountered the singular geometry and arrangement of the rocks situated in Port aux Saumon, Quebec, I saw signs of motion and of passage of time and sought to insert my human body “not as an atomized individual moving within an environment, but rather as something that is coextensive with its surroundings”. The corpse of a bird and the apparent immobility of the rocks looked upon from a disconcerting angle induce a juxtaposition of timescales into which I absurdly attempted to adhere. This intense, intimate and improvised encounter was photographed and printed in a large format. It subsequently triggered the realization of objects whose shapes are responding to the configuration of the stones while remaining somewhat architectural, blurring the frontier between culture and nature. Their materiality bears the presence of the human body. While the stoneware pieces have undergone reduction firing, becoming as hard as rock, the earthenware elements were kept in their raw state, speaking of impermanence and eventual return to dust. (Click on image for more info)

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